Ebay Import Feature

You will need to set up an account to access the import feature. 

Please recheck the following areas on your account. THESE ARE CRITICAL TO AN IMPORT..!!!

1. Check your account in Members Area > My Account > Account Settings and make sure all fields are filled in correctly if they apply to you. Especially the 3rd party credit card information (like PayPal or Stripe or others).

2. Check your account in Members Area > Selling > Seller Tools  and open and fill out each tab as needed. The global settings, postage setup and pre-filled fields tabs must be completed, for the import to work properly. 

3. Go to the ebay import tab and enter your ebay username. If you have not gotten your Token from eBay, please click "Retrieve Token". This will require you to sign into eBay to give Vangoe authorization to access your account and to sync your listings with eBay, so that when your item sells on either site, it is removed from the other site, automatically. We only store the eBay token, we do not store your password. After you have received your token, please Click to upload your eBay listings. You can send to your DRAFTS folder or to have them immediately list LIVE on the site.

4. 99.9% of all listings import fine..a few may get a parse error due to html code in the title. If you require those few items, that may have an error, you may need to do them manually. Sorry. 

5. Have Fun.