Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How do I register with
Click on "Sign Up" tab and fill out account information and submit.
Q. I don't think my email validation link arrived.
Please check your spam folder. If link still has not arrived, please email us. Add to your address book to stop emails from being classed as Spam
Q. I want to choose my own password.
You are able to choose your own password.
Q. I've forgotten my password.
Make at least one attempt at remembering your password. If incorrect, click the link on the log in page (forgot password)
Q. Do I need to give you a credit card?
Q. I've been told I need to validate my account.
You must validate your account thru the email that was sent to the email address used on your registration form.
Q. Is it free to join
Yes, it is FREE to join
Q. How can I change my username?
You can't change your username at this time.
Q. I'm entering the correct password but it's not logging me in?
Please click "forgot password" and follow instructions to reset your password.
Q. Do I have to give you my personal details?
Yes. As a buyer or seller, we need your personal details in order to facilitate the sales on our site.
Q. How do you assure the privacy of my information?
Please see our "Privacy Statement" in our Terms of Service Agreement.
Q. Can I be removed from the site.
Yes, we at reserve the right to suspend or terminate anyone who abuses or harms our site in any way. Please see our Terms of Service for more information.
Q. How do I close my account?
Email us and we will close your account.
Q. Can I view the site in another language?
We have 47 multiple languages available. Please look for "Select Language" at the top of the page.
Q. Can I import my user ratings from another marketplace or website?
NO. Everyone starts with a ZERO completed sale rating.
Q. Can I really list for free?
All listings on are free, except for a few specific categories, like Real Estate, Vehicles, Boat, Heavy Equipment. In those cases there is no Selling Fees for a completed sale.
Q. How much does it cost to sell? charges 5% of the sale price. We do not charge any fees on shipping.
Q. Does tell me how to run my business? will not micromanage your business. It is your business and your sale. We may make recommendations based on information we collect during your use of our services on our site. We will suspend or terminate anyone who abuses or harms our site in any way.
Q. How do I start a listing on
Click on the "Sell" button at the top of any page.
Q. How can I edit listings I'm running?
At the top right side of your listing above the current price there is an "Edit" button.
Q. What is a bid increment?
A bid increment is the minimum amount that you must bid above the current bid in order to become the high bidder and purchase an item.
Q. How do I contact the buyer?
After a completed sale, The buyer and seller will receive an email with contact and payment instructions.
Q. What if I can't contact the highest bidder?
Q. Can I change my listing description or category?
You can edit your listing as you wish until it has its first bid. After the first bid, you can no longer edit your listing.
Q. How can I check on my account?
At the top of any page, click on "Members Area" tab. Then click "My Account"
Q. What is the number next to the each username?
The number next to each username is the number of completed transactions that they have made on our site.
Q. What is the Buy Out option?
A Buy Out option, lets you instantly buy the item at the specified price.
Q. What happens after the listing closes with no sale.
You have the option to relist your item. There is still no fee to list or relist your item. You can use our auto-relist feature and your unsold listings will automatically renew.
Q. What happens when a Buy Out is made on my item?
Both the buyer and the seller will receive an email with details for the sale.Buyer is given the option to pay immediately for the item.
Q. What items are prohibited on
Please check our Prohibited Item List in our Terms and Conditions Section.
Q. What if I'm caught breaking the rules?
Breaking the rules can and will lead to your account being suspended or terminated.
Q. Can I add a video to my listing?
Yes, It can be added during the listing process. See our "How To Use Vangoe" section for more details..
Q. Shipping Options. Editing and additional shipping for multi purchases.
You will be able to send an edited invoice with combined shipping to your buyer if they buy multiple items.
Q. Can I start my listing at a specific time?
Yes. You can by selecting "Custom" check box in the "Start Time" area when your listing an item.
Q. Can I end my listing at a specific time?
No. All listings run for 3, 7, or 10 days, from the time the listing is started.
Q. Can I import listings from other Marketplaces?
We have an eBay Specific Importer as well as a Bulk Importer that can import via a CSV file. Any other site that allows you to export your listings to a CSV file, can be imported. If you would like, please contact us for help on this CSV file format import. 
Q. Can I import my feedback from another marketplace site?
NO. Everyone starts from ZERO on our site.
Q. What are Seller Vouchers
Seller Vouchers are a feature where if  you are a seller and/or store owner you can create custom vouchers/coupons to be redeemed against your listed auctions or products. You can then send them to your customers or use in your advertising.
Q. How do I find something to bid on and then make a bid?
Use our Search feature for general searching or our Advanced Search for more specific searches.
Q. How can I refine my search?
Use our Advance Search feature.
Q. How can I keep track of an item I am interested.
Simply click the "Watchlist" button on the listing. Click the "Watchlist" button at the top of any screen to see the items in your Watchlist.
Q. How does automatically bid on my behalf?
When you bid, bid the highest amount that you are willing to pay for the item. will increase the current bid to the next highest bid increment to make you the current high bidder. Then as more bids are made by other bidders, will increase your bid to maintain your place as high bidder, unless the other bid is higher than your highest bid. This is called proxy bidding (bidding on your behalf).
Q. I get outbid every time I place a bid.
You are getting outbid because another bidder has already placed a maximum bid that is higher than your bid. bids in a proxy agreement for the other bidder.
Q. Can I reduce or retract my bid once it has been placed?
Q. Can I ask the seller a question?
Yes, just click the link on the "Questions and Answers" tab on any listing. 
Q. Can I make an offer to buy something from a seller?
If the listing shows a "Make Offer" button, click on it and follow the instructions.
Q. What do I do when a sale is made?
Both buyer and seller will receive completed sale emails with information as needed.
Q. Where can I find the buyer/seller email address?
Buyer and Seller contact information is on the completed sale email.
Q. How can I send a reminder for payment?
Use the contact buyer link on the completed sale email.
Q. How can I claim back a completed sale fee if the sale was not completed.
Q. I haven't received my item.
Q. What are the Listing Fees.
All items list for free except certain categories such as ( Real Estate, Vehicles, Boat, Heavy Equipment) see our "Fees" page accessible at the bottom of any page.
Q. Selling Fees.
The selling fees are 5% of the final price. No extra fees on shipping.
Q. How can I see if I owe any money to
Go to Members Area - My Account - Account History.
Q. How do I pay for monies owed?
You can pay via the selected payment gateways offered. We will bill you on a monthly basis when your account exceeds $9.00. Accounts with balances less than $9.00 will carry over to the following month.
Q. What payments do you accept?
We accept multiple payment processors, money orders and personal or business checks.
Q. What is Feedback has a Feedback System. We add one to the number by the users name for each completed purchase or sale of an item. Both the Buyer and the Seller can leave Feedback. 
We take the successful completion of every sale very seriously. We want both the buyer and seller to be happy. We will use all means in our powers to see that our site is the safest and most trustworthy in the business.